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From Dead Broke to $5 Million in Under Two Years!

14-hour workdays, an obsession with success, and a focus on winning at all costs are what drove me to become one of the largest market makers at the CBOE.

I built a multi-million-dollar fortune from scratch. Then I lost it all.

$500,000 on a single trade... gone. Tens of thousands of dollars on another and another... vanished.

Soon I was dead broke. And I realized I never had any control over my life. It was all an illusion.

Instead, I was allowing others, higher up on the corporate food chain, to control my time and tell me how much my time was worth. They were growing richer and richer off my hard work.

I saw firsthand how easy it was for everything to be taken away from me.

So I escaped to Asia to volunteer my time helping the less fortunate and to figure out what went wrong in my life.

That's where, by pure luck, I stumbled upon an old Japanese book that documented this market anomaly that appears for one hour a day, four days a week (Monday - Thursday).

When this anomaly was first uncovered, the technology wasn't available to truly capitalize on it. So it had been essentially lost to western civilization for fifty years.

I brought it back with me to the states. Less than two years later, I was $5 million richer.

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1 hour a day, 4 days a week...50X.

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